codeRR documentation

Welcome to the codeRR documentation.

The documentation have been divided into two sections:

Client documentation

The client libraries are used in your own application to be able to detect and report exceptions.

The documentation focuses on usage, but also have a small section that shows how you can extend the client libraries and/or build your own for your favorite framework.

Client documentation

Server documentation

The server documentation show how you can install and configure codeRR Community Edition, which is the open source alternative to our hosted solution codeRR Live.

There is also a section that shows you can write your own plugins for the Community Edition and the OnPremise commercial alternative.

Server documentation

codeRR pipeline

Below is an illustration of the codeRR pipeline.

It shows how an exception is handled from the first detection to being analyzed in the server.

Integration tip: Analysis services should subscribe on the ReportAddedToIncident event. By doing so, your analyzer class will automatically invoked in the end of the pipeline.

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