Skip logfiles - Try automated error handling!

codeRR discovers and analyzes all exceptions in all of your installations for every version of your .NET application.

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What's in it for me?

codeRR monitors your application and notifies you when new unique errors occurs, putting an end to random logfile scanning and relying on reports from users.

You can typically solve the incident straight way, since codeRR provides relevant information together with the error. In your codeRR server view you can do further analysis of systematic and related errors.

In short, we believe that codeRR will save you time and effort and help you improve code quality.

Get to know the tool

Once an exception is detected, the codeRR client in your application will collect context information and send it to your installed codeRR server for analysis and response.

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About us

We are passionate about Microsoft .NET and code quality. 1TCompany is a new Swedish start-up that builds on years of coding experience and of bringing products to market. Our mission is to help fellow developers deliver quality code.

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